Monday, 24 August 2015

Copic Marker Alternative - Finecolour Markers

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be talking about a Copic Marker alternative that I've recently purchased to hopefully help those on their "perfect pen" quest.

These pens are called Finecolour markers, unheard of right? They took me by surprise as well! I found out about these pens whilst watching a video called "Copic Marker Alternatives" by Baylee Jae on YouTube and I was instantly taken away by their price and I was onto it straight away! So today I'm here to tell you guys about the pros and cons and how they work in comparison to my copics and promarkers! Let's get started! 

Disclaimer; I'm not sponsored, I just have a love for what I do so I invest a lot in it. I also don't get everything in one go, I get bits and pieces as I go along and I started collecting a few years ago that's why I have a lot of pens :). Also this is my personal opinion about these pens which is nor right or wrong!

So here's my brief intro in quick bullet point form:
  • Cheap copic marker alternative
  • Double ended tip
  • Available in 180 colours
  • Alcohol based markers

So, I found out about these markers from Baylee Jae on youtube. She had a video called "Copic marker alternatives". I recommend watching that very much to find about other Copic marker alternatives. Hearing about these pens was probably one of the best days ever and I ordered them from eBay immediately after watching the video.

  • Incredibly Cheap
From eBay, I got a set of 36 colours and they cost me about £14 but that was because I had a half price voucher. If you were to purchase them normally you're looking at about £25 which is still cheap to me. If you were to buy the Copic Ciao 36 set it would cost you £59.81 (and that's the eBay price).
  • Alcohol based (Like Copics and Promarkers)
They are made with alcohol, so they still do the same job as Copics just with less quality.
  • Blendable
They do not come with a colourless blender but if you use colours in the same colour group they do blend, you just have to layer it more to make sure all the colours blend in.
  • Dual ended (Double ended)
Just like The Copic Ciao's and Sketches they're double ended with a bullet tip and a chisel tip. However Copic's have a brush tip which cleans up your drawing and the Finecolour's have a bullet tip which makes your drawing looks more rough. Whatever your drawing style, this may be a pro or a con for you.
  • Rectangular Shape
This is a pro because unlike Copic Ciao's (which are round) they don't roll around the surface that you're drawing on.

  • They Hold more ink than Copics
This means they will last longer, in general the round markers hold less ink than the rectangular shaped ones.
  • Colour Codes
They have colour codes ontop unlike the Copic Ciao's and it is easier to pick out colours once you know them.

  • Not as bright as Copics
The ink quality is probably a 75 instead of 100 but it still does the job however they just look a bit patchy in comparison to the Copic Ciao's.
  • Looks very much like a Copic Sketch copy
They didn't do very well in making it look unique, it looks exactly like a Copic Sketch which puts people off but might be a con because you can sort of tell people you bought Copic's lol.

  • Available in only 112 colours
Copic Ciao's are available in 180 colours and Sketch markers have over 200 colours.
  • Not refillable
Unfortunately you can't refill Finecolour markers and with Copic's you can. If a colour runs out the only way you'd find it again is to buy another set because so far where I shop (eBay) they do not sell them individually.
  • Long shipping time
The delivery may take a while because they do not have these anywhere in the world but China. If You're looking for a marker made In the UK I suggest you go for Letraset.

Who are these for? -  Beginner artists who are exploring or people on a tight budget.
Worthy of their Price? - Definitely

Do they achieve their purpose?

They do the exact same thing as Copic's, it's just that the end result looks a little bit patchy and rough.

What could make it better?
  • A brush tip
  • Better quality ink
  • A better design
The results
This is a drawing done with only Finecolour markers:
This is a drawing done with only Copic Ciao's:

Buying Advice:

Have you decided if they're for you? If they are then here's some advice for when buying them:

  • The best place to buy them is eBay - no rip off just real prices
  • If the Price is higher or the same as Copic's you're being ripped off.
  • If you're not sure about them the best set to get is the 36 set or 12 set.
Well my Lovelies, thank you so much for reading my lengthy review and if there's anymore things you'd like to see on This Blog to do with my art and materials please comment below.

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