Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Beau Bloggers Member Appreciation Post

Hey guys! A special hey to everyone in Beau Bloggers reading this! This is my member Appreciation post for us reaching 10+ members. 

Beau Bloggers is a special community put together by myself with the help of Izzy to unite bloggers and people who aren't bloggers to have fun and talk and communicate. It's turned out really well, I love being part of it, the support is tremendous and everyone there is really talented to the core and its great because you learn new things too. A special thanks to these girls who have made it a wonderful place to be, please check out their blogs - great bloggers, with amazing content: 

  1. Izzy - Izzy K - www.izzyk1998.blogspot.co.uk
  2. Immortal Minds - http://spec-tacularblog.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Bria Lou - louleecutie.blogspot.co.uk
  4. Courtney - http://courtneysviews.blogspot.co.uk
  5. Tyana - http://theluxedition.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. Bella - http://missbellaboo99.blogspot.co.uk
  7. Lilliana - http://fashionmodebyme.blogspot.co.uk
  8. Erin - http://artofbeinginvisible.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
  9. Harriet - www.fashionablescribbles.blogspot.co.uk
  10. Shoutout to Christiana and Ashley too! 
What i've enjoyed the most so far... 

  • Reading new blogs
  • Getting to know new people 
  • Seeing others do what they're good at 
  • Looking at new youtube videos 
You can be a part of an amazing blogger community, join today and you seriously won't regret it, its really really fun. 

  1. What do we do? 
We talk about the things we love and our daily lives! I'll have 3 people coordinating the group including myself. I'll be throwing great things in such as: 
  •  latest trends and fashion news 
  • Convo's and forums about fashion, beauty, art, music and everything! 
  • Regular chats using whatever platform everyone has (google)
  • Guest posts with some of you 
  • Much more!
    2. Who do we want?
  • Bloggers who can describe their interests (At least one of them). E.g: Mine are Fashion, Art and Beauty
  • People who read this blog 
  • People who would like to do blog posts for this blog 
  • People who would like people featured in blog posts 
  • People who want blogger friends 
    3. How do you join? 

Please join, the more members, the more fun we can have! 

If all my Beau Bloggers read till the end they'd know now that I have a little something for you guys. I'm going to introduce this sticker, for you guys to put on your blog simply saying ''I am a certified Beau Blogger and proud''. The instructions are going to be below. I've made this so as this group gets bigger, people know who and who is in it. This isn't compulsory but if your proud of being in this group, there's something to show it. 

How to attach this onto your blog
note: please only use this if you are a beau blogger. 

1. Save the image above
2. Login to blogger and head over to the Layout tab.
3. Click on add a gadget
4. Under Basics, scroll down to ''image''
5. Where it says title - Beau Bloggers
Add the caption of your choice (not compulsory)
5. Upload the logo that you should have saved from this post and if so shrink to fit to size.

If you've read up to the end comment beau! Lol thanks to everyone who read this post and to those of you who aren't in this amazing group, please join, we'd love to see new faces.