Wednesday, 26 November 2014

10,000 BLOG VIEWS!

As you can probably tell from the post title, today I hit 10,000 blog views and I'm incredibly happy about it. It so wouldn't have been possible without you guys! The people that read what I write.

It's coming up to a year since I started blogging and i've learnt an incredible amount of things and met loads of new people and it's been amazing. I started in January 2014, writing blog posts and having an empty feeling about them wondering if there was anyone on the other side lol. I can surely see now there is! I can't click on my blog 10,000 times all by myself!

Blogging is literally my life. I don't always blog everyday but when I am not blogging I am thinking about what I could blog about or what around me is inspiring for a blog post, so yeah it's either drawing or this and I love both of them equally.

Thank you 10,000 times for reading my blog, liking, sharing, beau blogging lol and just showing so much love! It's amazing how it's not really a hobby anymore and it feels like something I have to contribute in some way to the blog or I feel like something is wrong.

I haven't yet thought of it, but i'll definitely be doing a 10,000 views appreciation of some sort. Stay tuned and follow via GFC and Bloglovin. You can talk to me and a whole bunch of other great Bloggers over at Beau! (Search ''beau bloggers'') in my blog search box.

Toodlessssss! I'm so happy right now!