Monday, 10 November 2014

Coming up - Tutorials

Hey guys! As you might know, just to not make you guys bored and to keep you interested I tell you what's kind of posts are coming up! I've got a few posts lined up and if you'd like me to do any kind of specific post please say!


Recently I did a tutorial on drawing the figure and this was my first tutorial with videos. I don't do this a lot because it's time consuming... I shoot from my iPod which only has front camera and I don't have a copy stand to film myself drawing just yet. I am prepared to go through it again and make another tutorial, because I found that it got quite a few views and some people benefited from it. Here are the tutorials that I want to do in future (this month):

How to use promarkers (Very broad topic - therefore splitting into little parts)
  • Choosing colours (Colours to buy and colours to use - The colour wheel)
  • Colouring a fashion figure with promarkers 
  • Skin colours 
  • Colourless Blender.