Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Weird Looks - Part two

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So, what the heck happened to Laurey's? Basically. I was looking at a lot of blogs - not so popular ones (no offence or pun intended) and it turns out that a lot of them have the same blog template as me and it looks very similar.

Therefore I decided to change it up and personally I love my new template! It's cute, looks more like a diary and its neater. 


I changed the name because I sat down and looked at my planning when I first made this blog a year ago and the aim of it was to just find others who liked what I liked and help them out, by writing what I know online. So I thought of some changed I could make and it came to my attention that I should change the blog name to something you guys will remember, this blog is not so much about me... it's about me delivering new content to you so ''Lauren Williams Illustrations'' wasn't really a wise name lol. 

Anyway the new name is now Loveheart doodles, the web address changes to www.loveheartdoodles.blogspot.co.uk

Thank you for your time my Lovelies. 



I looked at my blog stats today and realized that today I had 240 blog views from the USA and 30 from the UK... I live in the UK and the USA view my blog more than anyone here! If you view my blog and live in the USA I wanna know you! Comment below and lets talk xo 

Bye now <3 xo