Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hey everyone, this is my first Christmas blogging and January would be one year blogging. To achieve 10,000 and over is amazing to me and I wanted to mark my first Christmas blogging with something special so I figured... Lets go and do Blogmas!

This post is basically about the order of the posts. Now Christmas in an incredibly busy time so from the 23rd to the 27th I won't be blogging. Just way to busy and I love Christmas but there will be a truckload of posts for you guys to read straight after.

Things happen and plans change so this order is not permanent and things could be switched around however all of these posts shall be done. I am so excited for Blogmas and it's gonna be awesome! There are some special posts I'm creating especially for Christmas and then they'll never be seen again LOL:

Daily Posts:

  1. Lauren's Christmas Covers - Where I post videos of me singing Christmas songs
  2. Lauren's Christmas illustrations - Showing you guys my Christmas collection of clothing illustrations 
  3. Have yourself a very Beau Christmas - Some of the FINEST posts on my blog will come out of this. Why? because I'm getting the Beau Bloggers involved :* 
Here are some the other posts that will be done:
  • Christmas Wishlist
  • Letter to Santa 
  • Christmas with the Williams Family 
  • Christmas Movies 
  • Christmas's true meaning 
  • Christmas dinner 
  • The ultimate Christmas Bucket list 
  • Christmas Haul
  • Decorating the tree
I hope you guys are excited for blogmas because I think it'll be great!

Lauren x