Sunday, 23 October 2016


Inflatable zone is a leading manufacturer in amazing inflatable products which are sure to turn your outdoor spaces into a world of fun. Inflatable zone caters for all inflatable fun  including bubble soccerzorb ball, inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers, water game equipment, etc.

Perfect for your upcoming event or even homely leisure, Inflatable zone has something for the kids, the adults and even the Grandparents! Inflatable zone caters to most parts of the world, making it very easy for you to have the fun inflatable experience of a lifetime! 

As well as providing you with a fun inflatable experience, Inflatable Zone also takes customisation orders, logo-printing, personalised size, shape and design which really caters to your needs!

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Enjoy a great inflatable experience and to top it all off, Free shipping on all orders!