Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Well... finally a moment to myself.

Up and down, up and down. Do you ever feel like your an overused yo yo? I'm feeling that way :(.

My last post was about wanting to deliver some Youtube tutorials to you guys but it didn't go to plan - my laptop is old, therefore the features aren't as advanced. Windows Movie maker sucks, certain video editors don't download because my laptops too "dated". So guys, I'll be postponing this idea until I can get a new laptop and make cool videos for you guys.

I'm doing my mock GCSE'S at the moment so life is hectic. I just happened to have a free Thursday with no coursework to complete so I thought of my blog and how I really need to get with it and just update... Like seriously.

I'm still drawing but it's really minimal and there's just no time, so guys... I'm really out of blog ideas however, i'm sure i'll come up with something soon...

Lauren x