Sunday, 5 July 2015

New illustration: Headphones in, World out

Hi guys, so I've been going out of my horizons lately and I'm really excited about it. A lot of people think that I stick to one art which is fashion illustration but lately that's not true. Sometimes a break really helps and just doing something different is fun.

As I'm crazily obsessed with creating at art, looking at art, sharing art, being art and so on I woke up at 6am yesterday and felt the urge to start drawing. 

Now, always before I start drawing I look for reference images and inspiration. I looked on tumblr and Pinterest on the theme summer and found a lot. I was focusing on dressed but I came across a line art of a girl wearing headphones. I really liked this picture and decided to do something similar. 

I'm proud of this piece because I used watercolour and not my Copics (skin tones have ran out). Creating skin tones with watercolour has always been very scary to me because it looks like you need to be an artistic master to make all the highlights and shadows and actually mix colours to make the skin colour where as when I use my Copics the skin colours and already there and you just layer them. So I'll give a little guideline on how to do this but hopefully I can one day do a tutorial. 

I used my Reeves watercolour pan with 12 primary colours and mixed a lot to get the skin tone I got.

Thanks for reading guys! 

Song of the day: Mary J Blige ft Trey Songz - Hood Love