Sunday, 1 November 2015

31st October OOTD and Face beat

Some of you were busy pumpkin carving and dressing up for Halloween, my Saturday was completely different to yours and I'm here to tell you all about it! I thought favourites are getting boring so why not do an ootd!

I woke up around 7 am on Saturday because it was my new born Cousin's naming and Christening, I had to travel to Watford and that meant an hour car journey. Surprisingly afterwards we found out that a really important guest had arrived in the UK from Ghana. He happens to be the king of our home town and we got to meet him yesterday! We met him in The Gold Coast Bar in South Norwood, London where we ate exotic Ghanaian food and had a great time. 


My picture is not amazingly clear or full, but for the day I wore a Lace layer midi dress which was whitish/creamish and it's from True Decadence and it cost me £35.00. I wore plain black heels from next too. Accompanied by the dress was a plain black blazer (had it for ages not sure where it's from) and a choker from M&S costing £5.50 on sale.
Mother and me!


This was a special occasion so I thought why not have a face beat! For those of you who are confused, a face beat is beating  your face with cosmetics until looks as desired. I decided to go for a light look to match my dress. 

Foundation - L'oreal Paris Perfect Match Foundation in (Cappuchino)
Highlight - Revlon Photoready (Cappuchino)
Contour - Sleek CC Cream (Dark) (I hardly did any contour but yeah)
Eyeshadow - Me Makeover Essentials (Transition colour stone grey mixed with coffee and crease colour baby pink)
Eye liner - W7 Liquid eyeliner 
Dimples from plain old dimple shop 
Lips - Good old Vaseline. 

It took about an hour and a half to get ready, overall I had a great day and it was super fun! Let me know if you'd like anymore OOTD's x

Song of the day - Jhene Aiko ft Kendrick Lamar - Stay Ready