Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Society 6 Store!

I've been away for ages, I know! I'm so sorry been busy on society 6! Today i'm going to be showing you guys my new online store where you can get all my artwork and buy it as well as other products! 

My society 6: https://society6.com/laurenwilliamsillustrations

Various items are up for sale, some of my most popular designs are up for sale and I'm also taking custom and personal designs too. 

The following on sale are: 
  • Art prints - paper and canvas (also framed)
  • Tote bags
  • Pillows
  • Clocks 
  • Phone Cases (iPhone, Samsung and iPod)
  • Mugs 
  • Laptop sleeves and skins
I do have more coming and will be making a whole lot more products, however Christmas is coming and if you know an arty person - these might be a good gift. 

For any personal designs, please contact me by: laureywilliamsfashion@gmail.com / laurenwilliamsillustrations@gmail.com

To visit the shop please click the link: https://society6.com/laurenwilliamsillustrations