Sunday, 6 March 2016


Hey guys, I'm going to be doing another amazing beauty haul for you guys! I have got all the range here to show you guys so I'm super excited. Today were looking at some amazing brands like Urban decay, smashbox and Mac. I'm gonna jump right in.

I'm going to start with the eyeshadow palettes, bear in mind I've not used anything yet. I'm reviewing first impressions, the look and quality and so on. As I always say - my own opinion (not sponsored by any brands). Lets get started.

By the way, ya'll know I get all my stuff from Aliexpress so I suggests you head over there right now and get yourself a bargain!

1. Naked 3 palette - Urban Decay

Firstly I'm in love with this palette because it's rose gold heaven! It looks so heavenly and just by looking at it I can tell what goes with what. It looks exactly like the Naked 3 palette, I got it from Aliexpress so I was expecting it to look really fake but it's an exact replica. The brush is super soft and all the colours are correct. I bought this for an amazing price of £3.35 from Aliexpress, the real retail price from Urban Decay is about £38. So I really saved a lot! The only con is the mirroe, which was absolutely terrible lol. Not ideal for on the go makeup but apart from that we're good. To be honest, I'm going to call it an original because it has like 0.000000005% difference.

2. The fake Naked 5 palette

I love the colours in this palette, the only thing is it doesn't really exist lol. When I looked on the Urban Decay website there's only 3 naked palettes lol and I've been seeing all sorts up to number 8 online however fake or not, if I like it... I like it! I think I like the previous palette more, however my it does have really great shimmery colours. The previous palette and this palette come with a brush. The brush says naked on it and is super soft. Unfortunately this palette also came with a really rubbish mirror. I bought this for £3.40 which is a super price for what came in my opinion. 

3. Smashbox Double Exposure Palette 

Now, this is probably my favourite thing in the haul! This palette works in two ways hence the name "Double exposure". They work different dry and wet which gives 28 different colours really. So you can do so much with it. I paid £6.25 for this palette.

4. MAC Moisture cover concealer in NW40 

This stuff is so beautiful and when I did a little swatch it made a great highlight. I got my foundation in NW50 so I thought NW40 was a suitable colour for concealer. It's incredibly light! So I ended up mixing it with LA Girl's pro concealer in beautiful bronze (GC87). This was bought for £1.74. Again another bargain! It's really small though and there's not much in the bottle. I might have to order another 5 lol but this time trying NW45.

5. MAC Match master foundation NW50

This foundation was probably a shade lighter than it should have been. It was my first time buying anything to do with MAC so I guessed about colours and made judgements on colours. Luckily I mixed it with a Sleek BB cream and it was okay. I bought it for £5.66 on Aliexpress. 

5. Gel Eyeliner

This cost me £1.06 as for gel eyeliner, I don't think designer will make a big difference lol. Also this one came with it own little cute angled brush. 

6. LA Girl Pro Girl concealer in Dark Cocoa 

If you guys have read previous Beauty posts you'll know I use this a lot however in a shade lighter beautiful bronze), I bought a shade darker intending to use it for contour but it came and it was the same colour as my skin... not darker so it really didn't help lol. So this is currently a foundation for me. In future I will defo buy these in my local afro-Caribbean store. From Aliexpress it costed £3.05 which is a little bit cheaper than from the shop but going to the shop is better and it avoids the wait. 

That's it for my huge haul, if you guys have any questions please ask me below in the comments. I'd love to answer. Thank you so much for reading x