Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Life Update

Hi blog! I know I've been away for ages, I'm done with exams so I decided to come back on the blog! I'm going to start with the life update so you guys all know whats up! So, I've been away for the whole of May and June busy with my exams. Lately I've been working on a lot of stuff.


I've been doing less fashion illustrations because of time but, I will make a new post showing the ones I have done. I'm also working with the company VIDA to make my own merchandise! There will be a post about that soon too. I haven't bought any new materials really. I still have the same markers (Copics, Promarkers and Brushmarkers - Winsor and Newton.


I've been listening to the same old artists (afrobeat artists). I love some of their new songs that have been released. Some are below:

Fuse ODG ft Badshah - Bombae
AIM ft Mr Silva - Mon'sa
Yemi Alade - ferarri
NSG - No Jamo Full Ghana
Korede Bello - One and only

I know i'm late but I have only just discovered Bryson Tiller? He is AMAZING!!! His music speaks to me and everyone of his songs has a meaning that I can relate to. I've been hooked on him this month. My favourite songs are; don't, exchange, right my wrongs and sorry not sorry.

Health and beauty:

I have ordered a lot of new products, when they all arrive i'm possibly going to do a big what's in my makeup bag video to kick off my Youtube because I definitely have cleared a lot of stuff out, sold a lot of stuff to people as well! So there is a big change from my last big blog post about it!


Okay, well this is awkward but I'm left with two main best friends lol. School ended and I don't see them a lot since then but it's all cool because we all still keep in touch!


Summer's here and I generally haven't got much to do so I am looking for a job and that also means a lot more drawing and blogging!

Thanks for reading x