Saturday, 13 August 2016

Adore me x Lauren Williams

This summer I've been doing a number of projects and collaborations and I'd like to share with you guys one of the most interesting products I've ever done!

Adore me is a lingerie store, that encourage ladies to be confident to show off how sexy and stylish they areWith the theme of underwear as outerwear I was asked to create some summery festival looks that help show off comfort and sexiness. I personally had so much fun creating these looks and also had a little drift away from my comfort zone which helped me a lot! I'm going to show you guys the looks! P.S - I'm sorry the images are really huge and different sizes but that was the only way you could see them properly... Blogger really needs an update!

1. Lemon n' Lime

Yellows and green motivated this illustration, keeping it simple with inspiration from Kente cloth for the pattern on the swimsuit.

2. Sweet Treats

Using innocent blue and pink I created this look, this bikini was floral inspired but I decided to keep it basic and not go in with too much pattern but rather enhance and focus on the structure of the bikini. I came up with multiple spaghetti straps on the bra that continue down, and some extra decorative straps on the bottom.

3. Blue Blaze

I was inspired here by people who slay grey hair so I thought why not! In the end it worked and I really liked this illustration. Taking inspiration from the latest choker and bandage dress craze, I created this look. I used a mix of sky blue and royal blue to create contrast.

4. Sunkissed

In this collection I tried to experiment with most colours at least once, and I had realised I hadn't done red or pink! So I combined the two and came up with this simple bikini, with lace up detail and mesh.

5. Peaceful Purples

I had the most fun creating this illustration because of all the lilac! It's not a colour I use often so it was fun to experiment with it. It's not clear but the only fabric there is the black straps and the flowers are extra detail which are attached by the straps.

6. "Innocent"

After creating Peaceful Purples I wanted to create something very very simple. That resulted in me coming up with this nude one shoulder swimsuit, with the slightest bit of nudity lol!

7. Fierce

I wanted one of the outfits to be animal print, so I went with an easy leopard print swimsuit, orange also emphasises how fierce I wanted the illustration to look.

8. Hint of African

Finally, I was inspired again by Kente cloth and came up with this swimsuit, the colours Red, orange, yellow and green were used. I used those as they're very typical in Kente cloth. To spice up the look I added some lace up heels. Very festival worthy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, please visit Adore me for all your Summer inspiration on lingerie and swimwear!