Thursday, 21 July 2016


Recently I've become so obsessed with bootsale websites and apps, I think you will be too after this blog post! Many people think as soon as the word "Bootsale" is mentioned it means collecting junk and hoarding things that don't work and that you don't need.

My last post was a new buys  post showing you some new cosmetics that I've bought recently. Those of you who have been reading my blog for ages know I am one to save and I love second hand things, but what if I told you about a bootsale app that sells both new and second hand things. Stick around because I have about three amazingly great bootsale apps to show you how and where to save money! 

1. Depop 

Depop is only available in the form of an app, but it is so worth downloading. I have met some great sellers on there. They have everything from clothing, cosmetics to furniture and books. It is honestly great. I have received some great products from there such as; Ben Nye Topaz powder, Makeup Geek eyeshadows, Colourpop lipsticks, La Girl Lipsticks and so much more. I watch my favourite beauty guru's on youtube and think... how the hell will I be able to get these products? There is no need to buy them from the retailers website, there really isn't. I bought my Ben Nye powder for £7, my MUG eyeshadow pans for £4.50 each. It's an amazing site. Many sellers are also opened to offers and swaps. So the price listed might not be the final price, bargaining is allowed. You can also sell on there, I've sold through there and just like any site, they take their seller fees but it's still great. You can also direct message sellers to negotiate prices and also sell your stuff to others.

2. Shpock 

I'm sure you've heard about shpock somewhere lol, Shpock shows you things for sale in your area. Some things come new and some come used. I bought my Anastasia Dip Brow pomade from there for £8 and it was completely new and in its packaging. The idea of Shpock is a bit like gumtree where you are meant to meet the seller and collect your item however lots of sellers on Shpock are willing to post. It is absolutely free to sell on Shpock and they do not take seller fees. Once an offer is put in for an item you can go on talk with the seller/buyer about postage or collection and how you will pay. I've sold on Shpock and made over £100 with it so far. All these apps are great ways of earning money if you just clear out what you don't need and see how much money you can actually make!

3. Carousell 

I'm fairly new to Carousell, Carousell is said to be a "Snapchat" for buying and selling. I have not bought or sold anything yet on Carousell but the priniciples are the same with Shpock and Depop. Carousell has weekly giveaways which is nice, It also a bootsale of everything, so there's a wide range of things on there. As most bootsale apps you have the option for delivery or collection. 

I hope you guys will now go out on a bargain hunt and find some awesome deals, tell me how you find these sites down below in the comments. 

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