Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Visiting Tate Modern

Hey guys, yesterday I visited one of the art galleries in London that I had always wanted to see, that was Tate Modern. Tate Modern is located in Bankside, Southwark. I went with my two best friends Dwa - Micha and Chloe.
From Left to right: Chloe and Micha

Some are not the museum and gallery walk around type. I'm not, but this is art so I was kind of interested. The reason why I went is because our art homework was to show 2 page evidence of visiting an art gallery. I was going to go the Victoria and Albert museum since it's my thing (fashion and textiles) but I had already been there and my art teacher already thinks I stick to one thing too much.

From walking around I could see that the Tate Modern is full of 3D art and photography. It's not so much about fine art and photography. That's the opposite of what I like. I can't stand 3D art, clay, sculptures and all that. I guess that was my fault for not researching what's in the Tate Modern first however, we were already there and I didn't want to get on London's sweaty crowded trains again and find another gallery, so I thought let me just walk around and endure.

The main focus of my trip was actually to spot some good street art after Tate Modern and go to Leake Street and Brick Lane and Camden. Unfortunately this didn't happen because time wasn't on our side but on our way (on the train) at Stratford we saw some pretty interesting graffiti.

Arriving in Southwark station and going on the 5-10 min walk to Tate Modern we saw more street art by an Artist called Nathan Bowen. I quite like his style so I decided to take a picture with it and of it.

This is the point in time where Micha decides her foot is art and therefore it needs to be photographed.

This is the new building they're building - a new tate modern (although I don't think they're knocking the old one down, I think it's an addition). Walking on, we finally arrived at Tate Modern.

Here is some of the artwork I saw and actually liked lol. This piece on the right is called Around the blues and it is by Sam Francis and he used oil paint and acrylic. Forgive me, some of the art your about to see doesn't have descriptions because Micha my amazing photographer decided not to take pictures of the descriptions!

Overall, we did have a good time at the gallery, headed to stratford after and had a bite to eat. I always enjoy wherever I am if my friends are there :). What have you guys been up to this Easter break? If you are on Easter break x

Lauren x