Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Youtube, to do or not to do...

Hi guys, i've been thinking about the big world of youtube, thinking about starting my own channel too. I've just been wondering whether to do it or not. I already have a channel but I want to scrap that because the videos aren't good quality and it's all over the place.

If I were to have a youtube channel it'd be called Loveheart Doodles - Lauren Williams. I'd post the following:

  • Beauty tips and makeup reviews
  • Outifit ideas
  • Product unboxing
  • Fashion illustration tutorials, tips and guides
  • Art videos and discussions

If your reading this post then please comment below on the following things:

  • whether you think I should make a channel or not 
  • whether you'd subscribe and watch my videos t
  • What videos do you like watching
Thanks a million guys! Keep reading today for more posts x