Thursday, 8 January 2015

Arts Heroes: Hayden Williams, 20 - British Fashion illustrator/designer

Hey everyone, this is a new post that I'm starting every Thursday and it's about my arts heroes! I don't often talk about my arts heroes so I decided that i'd do one every week.

I'm honored to make the first one I talk about on this blog Mr Hayden Williams! 99.9% of fashion illustrators know who he is because he is just simply amazing,

 Hayden Williams is a British fashion illustrator, designer and blogger living in London with a unique fashion illustration talent, I really love his drawing style and they really inspire me. They're really detailed and so exact. His label is called Hayden Williams Illustrations, which consists of many different styles, garments and celebrity appearances.

Below is an example of his work:

He's just so wow! I want to be able to draw like this lol. He's on tumblr, instagram and a lot of places if you just look him up by his name. He's pretty awesome and also has a lot of fanpages, thanks for reading x

Lauren x