Monday, 26 January 2015

Blue Shirts, Blue Lace... Meant to be?

Hi guys, Happy/Sad Monday! I'm super happy to announce that my friend Sophie is soon having her book published and the title of it is "Blue Shirts, Blue Lace... Meant to be?"

I hope Sophie doesn't mind me saying that it is a true story. It is about two lovers that meet around the age of 11 and they're in love. However the boy has to move away and he forgets about the girl but the girl is still in love with the boy. It's called "Blue shirts, Blue lace... Meant to be?" Because the boy loves wearing blue shirts and the girl is in love with blue lace, it has a huge twist at the end but that's not going to be given away!
I am extremely happy to say that i'm illustrating the cover, along with some others and i'm so excited! Sophie is very talented and i'm convinced that her book will go a long way. Follow Sophie on instgram for book updates: @sophiadearest.

She also recently started a really cool blog:

Love you all, Lauren x