Saturday, 3 January 2015

Human Eye tutorial

Happy new year everyone, you guys already know that i'm three days late so I won't bother explaining! Lol today will be a drawing tutorial. Lately I've discovered that I'm a natural wiz at drawing the human eye so I thought I'd show you guys how I do it. As usual, photo tutorial because I've not gotten too familiar with videos yet but I soon will! Drawing the human eye is trial and error so be patient and you'll get it I also recommend watching youtube tutorials because that's how I learnt.

You don't need many special tools but I recommend a range of pencils, ranging from B to 6B. I'm using my Faber Castell Sketch set and Derwent Sketch pencils. 

You will also need something to blend the different shades of pencil with. I have a pencil stumper and its job is to blend pencils, however an alternative would be a cotton bud. Pencil stumpers are really cheap, I got a pack of 3 for a pound at Hobbycraft and Hobbycraft is an overpriced shop so it means they are cheap everywhere then. 

Of course you will make mistakes so having a rubber is a wise idea too. Let's begin! 

1. Draw the basic shape of the eye. This is based around a leaf shape but has certain dips and concaves that make the shape change and not so much look like a leaf anymore. 

As well as drawing your basic leaf shape also draw your tear duct in the corner of your eye and a light line on the side of the eye to show skin, making your eye a little 3D. Also depending on which eye you tend to draw there will most likely be an eyelid. In some cases when drawing oriental eyes there is hardly an eyelid but you can always add a small line or something. 

2. Darken the iris and the pupil just to show what your working with. Do not darken with the same pencil you sketched the basic shape with. For darkening and shading in the pupil use a 4B or 6B. I used a 4B but I would of like to of used my 6B however I couldn't find it. If you are using one pencil just press harder to make sure you get a darker effect. 

3. Add lines from the iris towards the pupil and lines from the pupil towards the iris. 

Notice that my lines are incredibly fine and detailed. I took my time to do individual strokes. Don't bunch them all up together. That will make a strange connection between the lines. 

4. Draw small lines shooting up from the lines you've drawn already and darken your lines made from the iris to the pupil. 

5. Join the lines up with more lines! Remember to leave your highlight free though. 

6. Shade some areas. Shading is seriously over thought of. Just use the side of your pencil and you'll get an even tone. Shade on the eyelid, inner eye, outside the tear duct on both sides. Here I have added a bottom eyelid and also shaded that. 

7. Using your pencil stumper or cotton bud, blend all this shading together. Inside the eye you want to make a smooth transition from the shading into the White paper so use the pencil stumper to keep the dark parts of the shading in the top and corners of the eye. 

 You should end up with something like this. 

8. Darken some lines and add some shading near the tear duct to create depth. 

9. Draw lashes. Use a sharp 6B or 4B for this and make dark, bold, thick, confident strokes. 

Draw bottom lashes too and then your done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, love you all! If you would like any specific tutorial please comment down below.

Bye! X