Monday, 8 September 2014

Koh-I-Noor Pencil Review

Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing a Koor-I-Noor Pencil review. I actually just got them today from school as part of my art pack and really wanted to try them out. So I got home and I did!

Kor-I-Noor I had actually never heard of and I thought I was about to have a cheap nasty experience with colour pencils. At least that's what the cover of the pencils was telling me. I thought this because I've had some bad times with cheap colour pencils that looked good. I tried them out and they were beautiful!

Quick overview

What is it?

  • Kor-I-Noor Colour Pencil set of 12
Who made it?
  • Joseph Hardmuth
Good Features:
  • They don't break easily 
  • Good variety of colours
  • They blend 
  • They don't smudge
What results did I get from it? 

I ended up getting drawing of a vase full of petunias. I liked it in the end. 

I have not yet used them for Fashion Illustration but I'm sure they'd be good for them. I love the pencils, the only thing I dislike is their packaging. It makes the pencils look like they're for 5 year old kids but they're really professional however no one would know this when buying!

I hope this helped in someways if your buying pencils anytime soon, they're a good pack of pencils to buy.

Efya Lauren x