Monday, 8 September 2014

20 Blog Post Ideas [PART 2]

A continuation from the last post! To see the first set of ideas click here! Otherwise lets go!

1. Run a competition - They Bring a lot of traffic and draw new people to your blog. Make sure the prize(s) are good though.
2. Interview someone
3. Write a short story
4. You good at singing? Post a video of your singing!
5. Make a case study about something
6. Talk about terrible failures and your successes
7. What do you regret doing?
8. Do a what's in my bag post!
10. Do a Tag post. For example I did the British Tag and Ghana Tag, it's a series of questions you answer related to a specific tag. Oh, just google it.
11. Write about where you'd like to travel and where you have traveled
12. Tell your readers what they should do to succeed in your niche
13. Show us some useful Ebooks and PDF's in our niche
14. Your future plans
15. OOTD! - Outfit of the day post!
16. Write a response in an emotional way to something that's bothering you
18. Hand write a post and then take a picture of it and publish it
19. Have a photo shoot and show everyone your pics!
20. Do something incredibly stupid and post it. Eg; Throw a pie in your face.

Done! x