Sunday, 21 September 2014

Product review: Faber Castell graphic sketch kit

Today is going be a product review of the Faber Castell Graphic Sketch kit that came in a pack that I bought from my school. 

To start with I've give the product a 10/10. I've said many times before that Faber Castell are a great brand for all types of artists and their products are super quality and not even that expensive. In the pack that school gave me, Faber Castell and Reeves were the only recognised brands in there so I was really excited and had to buy it. The pack cost me £12.50 and I think it was a really good price and much cheaper than what I should of paid. In this pack there are:

  • Faber Castell Graphic Sketch set
  • Koh-I-Noor 12 set 
  • Berol Oil pastels
  • Reeves Soft Pastels
  • Reeves watercolour
  • 6 Paintbrushes
  • An A3 sketchbook
  • An A4 sketchbook 
Quick overview of the product:

What is it?
  • It is a pencil set meant for sketching. It contains 5 pencils ranging from B to 6B and a rubber and sharpener. 
Who made it?
  • Faber Castell of course! 
Good Features
  • High break resistance 
  • Superior sharpening 
  • Dust free eraser 
  • They create good drawings and depth
I really do love these pencils and I'll be using them for a long time!