Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Letraset Promarker vs Copic Ciao (I'm on the promarker's side LOL)

Hey guys, I have to say that i'm really proud of myself for posting often because I know what it's like to be reading a blog and they never update :/. So today i'm talking briefly about promarkers. Many people had questions after I did the materials and said ''well is it worth buying, there so expensive''. That's why today I've chosen to do a brief product review. 

Promarkers aren't expensive, well to me they aren't expensive. I bought a Vibrant Tones pack for £6.00 from eBay and the rest I bought as individual markers from a website called art discount for £1.59. Simple google it. Most art shops sell individual ones for something around £2.50 and ongoing. In some places it's ridiculous how high the price can get, you just need to look in the right place. If you know what kind of markers are popular you'd also have heard of Copic. Copic are another brand who make markers. I've never bought Copic markers because they are expensive. Unlike promarkers they are much more expensive and a pack of 12 costs about £30.00... which I think is ridiculous for 12 basic colours. The good thing is unlike promarkers they refill but they don't last as long as promarkers and refills cost about £5.00 for every colour. Just In case your wondering yes, the picture next to this paragraph is what the current Copic ciao looks like.

Now and again I will be comparing it to Copic ciao because those normally are the top two that people debate on getting. Promarkers are twin tipped and so are Copic. Each Containing a broad tip and a thin tip. However Copic's thin tip is thinner than Letraset's promarker. With promarkers to make colours even you have to apply a second coat. They both come with a blender, which normally is used for hiding mistakes and blending colours together.

I think for people on strict budgets promarkers are an excellent choice in terms of quality and CHEAP and that is what you need when looking for bargains. 

Laurey x