Sunday, 12 January 2014

Africa: How I style my Senegalese twist.

Hey everyone, today I'm doing a tutorial on how I style my Senegalese twists (Which I am currently loving). I chose to do this because the clue is in the name, the twist style is from Senegal and this month is African fashion so I thought, why not? The styles that i'm going to show you can also be done with box braids or any kind of long twists or plaits but it works best with Senegalese twist or box braids.You can see how long my twists are in the picture, they are not incredibly long (i've seen some that are down to the thighs lol) but next time I go and do it I want them really long. I use expressions hair (black hair extensions). In general it takes about 5 hours to do and it cost me £40 but it's worth it because there really pretty. If you live in London and want the number of the person who did it please contact me, so lets get started! 

How long they are:

Hairstyle no. 1

Hairstyle no. 2

Hairstyle no. 3: 

Hairstyle no. 4 - This one was a bit too long for a collage.. 

1. Part your hair evenly and then take a piece of hair from the front.

2. Twist/Plait the piece of hair you have and secure it with something.

3. Take a hair pin and pin back the twist/plait. Do remember to take the hair and off lol.

And you should have this, which is one style but if your not happy with this repeat the process with some hair from the other side and you should end up with the 2nd picture.

Thanks for reading :)!