Saturday, 18 January 2014

Best of the web

Hiya guys today in going to be talking about my favourite things (Fashion things) on the web so Let's go!

• I draw fashion 

Just type I draw fashion into google and it will come up Lol. It's an amazing place and it's where I started off as a designer the tutorials are really good and they help a lot and the name of the girl who makes them is called Teya she's really good and also gives you feed back on your designs if you ask her to. 

• Pinterest 
A lot of people think Pinterest is a social network for old people but it isn't to me. I use it for inspiration. There are loads of things to inspire and motivate your drawings on there. You can pin all the things that inspire you and also follow other boards and more. 

• The Fairchild dictionary of fashion 
I use this when I'm struggling to use fashion vocab when I'm writing a specification. It's really good it's a big dictionary full of fashionable words. If you type it into google you can find it on PDF and when I did I printed it off, it was a lot of printing to do but it was worth it.

Most viewed posts on this blog: 
I'm really proud of how many views I've got seeing as this blog was made only a few weeks ago, thanks to all my followers and people who have viewed thanks so much, here we go; 

#1 Narin's Messy Bun Tutorial
I teamed up with one of my besties, Narin who is amazing at doing messy buns as she put together a tutorial for us which has the most views on this blog. I wanna give a special thanks and shoutout to her because it's the most popular post. Thanks so much Narin and hopefully we'll have more blog posts from her in the future. 

#2 Letraset promarker vs Copic Ciao 
This post I wrote was a product review an I was surprised at how many people viewed it. I wrote it for those who are first time marker buyers and I'm glad they loved it. 

#3 Leopard print corset
I wrote this after I had drawn the corset it just briefly talks about how I did it and what I used... It's not much of a tutorial though. 

• Favourite fashion apps. 
I have two favourite ones and there both fashion magazines these are Vogue and Elle. They bring you the latest trends and fashion news 24/7 and you never miss out on what's happening in the fashion world. 

It's a really short best of the web post but I hope you liked it and it leads you to new sites. 

Laurey xxo