Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Creative Opportunities

Hey guys today is not going to be a tutorial because I haven't had time to do one as school just started so the homework load has started :(
Today I'm going to talk about creative opportunities and ways to better yourself and start advertising your designs. I recently found ALOT of information and loads of things you can do to get your designs out there but things are limited to a certain level when your under 18.

Deviantart  (Click here to be redirected to Deviantart)

Deviantart is a brilliant place in my opinion, I have an account on there: lilmisslaurey. It's for anyone who's 13 and over. It gives you the ability to share your art with other artists, make other artist friends and also people buy art from there and I believe for a low price you can also sell yours, there are also talent scouts who come to browse art on there, you can join groups of your choice and make groups and you also have your very own journal to write diary entries in as your life as an artist. 

Prizedo (Click here to be redirected to Prizedo)

Prizedo is a european website and they put competitions of all sorts online, go under the tab fashion/art and you will find loads. There are also many more in many different subjects.

The Fashion and Textile museum (London Bridge) (Click here to be redirected to FTM)

The fashion and textile museum is a really good place to be educated about fashion design. It has all sorts such as historic fashion and present. If you live in London do take a visit there. They also do run some competitions. 

Talenthouse (Click here to be directed to talenthouse)

Talenthouse is based in America and it's a place where you can make your own profile and show your work and it has competitions too.

Thinking outside the box 

There are many more things you can do:

- Find a portfolio creating website or a pdf creator and make a private portfolio for yourself.
- Make a Blog.
- Organize your portfolio

I hope these help (:

Laurey x