Tuesday, 14 January 2014

TUTORIAL: Drawing a Fashion face.

 This is a tutorial on how to draw a fa shion face.This is not the only way to do it but there's millions of ways, this is just my way. Let's get started! 

You will need a pencil, eraser, ruler and preferably any colour skin promarker but otherwise any skin colour alcohol based. These are mine:

Firstly you draw a 2cmx3cm box for the head, however if you'd like to draw a bigger face you'd so 4cmx6cm. I'm going to how you both 2x3 and 4x6

Next draw a point half way in between the lines.

Next, half your box where you put the points (halfway).

You then divide the bottom half by three.

Join up the lines :)

Then half the whole box. You would have noticed that on the top right I've written divide by 2. Basically add a point in the middle of the halfway point to the end point.

Start drawing your skull. Start from the middle point from the top line and your top part of your head should end at the middle point of the sideline.

Complete your face but beware of the cheekbones! The cheekbones look kind of like a snake and you start it on line on end on line three. After that join your chin to the two points at the bottom. 

Join the two sides together to forms chin.

Draw your nose in the middle of line two and three. Draw it like a flying bird and make the two mountains a bit deep. You then draw to straight lines preferably with a ruler from the end of the nose and upwards. This tells us where to put out eyes.

Make a point in the middle of the line you just drew near the nose. Start the eye of those points it should be in the middle of line one and two. Draw eyelids but not All the way to the end, just to the middle. 

That's the shape of the eye. 

Complete the eyes.

Draw the lips, the lips should follow the structure of the nose. Also draw the eyes, draw thick dots in the middle of the iris.

That's the end of all the drawing, if you wish to also learn how to colour the face that will be uploaded shortly. 
Thanks for reading, Laurey xo