Monday, 29 December 2014

Art Materials Haul

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is ready for 2015! I got some money over Christmas and bought some art materials and in this post I'll be showing you guys what I got.

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to show off, I'm just showing my artistic viewers and giving you guys ideas.

I bought art materials from two shops. The first was Rymans. I looked in WHSmith and didn't find anything I liked so I then went to Rymans. They had a bit of sale on.

The first Item from Rymans was their own A4 Sketchpad. I checked out the quality of the paper and it was actually quite good. It only cost me £1.79 and I'm yet to use it.
I bought a new sketchbook because I wanted to label 2015 as my painting year and get used to using paints.

The second item is these Derwent Academy Watercolor pencils, as some of you may know I love the brand Derwent. I already have there studio colouring pencils and I really like them. These pencils were £5.99. I'm also yet to try these out because I want to follow a few tutorials and get the hang of using them and when I'm free with them I'll make a post about them for you guys to see.

The third and last thing is these unipin fineliners which are not new to me, I just had to buy more because the ones I had were running out and my drawings can't really function without them, especially the ones that are coloured by promarkers. These were the most expensive thing from Rymans and they cost me £7.99 however to me it was worth it. That was what I bought from Rymans!

The next shop I went to is my all time favourite however over priced art shop - HobbyCraft. I could've gone to my nearest one (Chingford) but I went to the one in Romford just because I like it more and I had other stuff also to do in Romford. Do you guys think i'm crazy? Some people certainly do think I am and that's perfectly okay with me because I spend all my money buying pens LOL!

Onto what I bought in hobbycraft:

I love this sketchbook! Probably my favourite one of all the ones I have. It's all black and the make is Daler Rowney which is a really good art make. I peeled the label off and I'm starting to personalize it and make it my own. This sketchbook cost me £6 in Hobbycraft and they had the same make and same size for £11 without the ring binder but I preferred this one because if I want to rip anything out I can. The paper is amazing quality and if I've sworn to myself that only important drawings will go in this sketchbook because I wouldn't want to waste the pages.

My usual blog readers will already know about my obsession with promarkers and how I collect them. I added three new ones to go into my collection. I picked these very carefully because I needed these colours to render fabrics when drawing them with other colours. The colours are Mulberry, Lilac and Cardinal red. This is the overpriced part of Hobbycraft - each one is £2.50. Therefore just these three pens were £7.50... ikr? But I couldn't leave the shop without buying some.

Again with the brand Derwent.... I bought there Graphic pencils that range from B - 2B. I didn't want the thicker ones because I already had those in a different Faber Castell sketch set. I've used them for sketching Elsa and Olaf in the past few days and I can say that they're aren't bad. All 4 pencils cost me £6.00 which isn't bad. The next thing are these hobbycraft value paper/pencil stumps whatever they're called lol.I bought these because I've seen them in youtube videos and they really smoothen out lines especially different tones. I have used them and they do help.

 The final thing I bought in my art haul was 5... yes just 5 Faber Castell polychromos. I've always wanted to hold one and this was the closest in hobbycraft to Prismacolours. I've tried them out and I absolutely love them. I'm hoping I can afford the full set in 2015. They cost me £1.80 each so I bought some important skin colours.

That's my art haul. Thank you guys so much for sticking around with me for the whole of 2014 and I hope you stay. If you liked this post comment below what you liked about your winter holiday or some of the things you bought.

Stay around today guys because I'll also be showing you guys what I got for Christmas and What I bought in the boxing day sales.

Bye Love you guys! Happy New year in advance!