Monday, 15 December 2014

My collection of hair illustrations

Hey guys, I didn't post yesterday because I was very busy and was occupied the whole day but I will be doing yesterdays post sometime soon. I hope you're all good and today's post will be about my collection of artwork related to hair. 

1. These are some blue curly locks I did. I used Derwent studio pencils - 12 set Mostly blues and I think a hint of purple. I also used promarker for the skin.

2. Blue Bun - This is a blue bun and I drew this not too long ago with other hairstyles I was practicing at the time. I used Derwent colours and a 0.1 Unipin fineliner. 

3. Dutch braid and flower bun  - This is my most recent illustration and I am very pleased with it, it came out pretty well. I used my Faber Castell sketch set.

4. Ocean Blue shell braid - Here I used watercolour pencils but I forgot the brand! 

Please comment down below if you would like me to do any tutorials on how to do any of these and if you read to the end comment "hair!"