Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogmas day 17: Christmas presents to all my blog readers!

Hey everyone, if your wondering why my blogmas posts are in funny number order  it's because I have missed quite a lot of posts and I'm just filling them in so I'm currently filling in number 17. 

Today I wanted to give gifts from me to you because your my blog readers and I love you guys a lot. 

My first gift from me to you guys is illustrations! I am offering free personalised illustrations for you guys this Christmas. All you need to do is comment below or email me and tell me what you want. Here are some ideas: 

• Blog logo's 
• Facebook and Twitter headers 
• Something for your Instagram 

I'd love to do some, so comment below and I'll get that to you asap. They will be photographed and sent to you so that you are happy with it and you can tell me if any changes should be made. Then they will be edited and sent to you. It will have my watermark so people can't steal my drawings. If you want the original drawing that I've done on paper I'll only charge you 80p for Postage, however this option is only available in the UK. If I do post anything to you I'll include a free illustration, Christmas Card and Chocolate as well as the illustration you asked for. I am doing these all year round but specialised ones at Christmas. Here are some of the special ones that I'm doing: 

• Bauble Illustrations 

These are special festive illustrations in a bauble and they can be whatever you like. These are really cute to hang up on your room. You can also transfer them to bauble creators online and get a custom personalised bauble made just for you. 

• Christmas Cards 

Yes, there is moonlight but I'm doing this for free. I design personalised cards free of charge but postage will cost depending on how far you live from me. 

The list is endless but I can literally do anything you want me to lol. 

I hope you guys really do take up this opportunity because when drawing for people I really do put in effort because it's for someone and I believe if your doing something it should be from the heart and you should do it well. 

This is an illustration I did yesterday for someone: 

Merry Christmas to you! 

Lauren x