Monday, 1 December 2014

November Favourites

November has finished and we welcome Blogmas, Christmas and December. So lets get onto my favourites.

I'm going to start this post by doing something very lovely and giving you my favourite people of November (who still are my favourite people) 

  • All Beau Bloggers for constant love and support. 

  • Jyesi - For being amazing. 
  • Charlie - For being a really close friend of late who I can talk to about anything
Favourite Song(s)
  • Yemi Alade - Johnny 
  • Ed Sheeran -Thinking out loud 
Favourite Movie
  • Signs - A movie we're watching in class that really makes you question your belief in God.
Favourite Blog(s)
Favourite Instagram accounts:
  • @funny_african_pics 
  • @the_art_owl
  • @osnapitzsophsdimplesx
  • @Zyrarrr
Favourite shop: 
  • Hobbycraft wins anyday. 
Favourite youtubers: 

  • Zozeebo <3
  • Fsketcher 
  • Mark Crilley 
  • Debbiearts
  • eleventhgorgeous 
  • ebaby kobby 
Favourite celebrity: 
This month I think it'll be Ashanti, just because I like her fashion sense and her music - especially her old stuff is still the bomb to me. 

Favourite apps: 
  • Bloglovin'
  • Pinterest 
  • Photo wonder 
  • 7 Billion ideas 
Thanks for reading!