Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New illustration: Elsa

Hi guys, over the time of Christmas I drew some new things because I got new materials and i'm just going to show you what I drew and how I drew them.

My first illustration is Elsa (I hope you guys knew that from the picture). I started off by drawing her using a picture reference from google. When I was happy with my pencil sketch I finelined the drawing and lastly I used my promarker skin tones to colour it in. Someone requested that I show you guys how to colour with promarkers the way I do. I'll show you this in a real time video on Youtube in the new year. Below i'll take you through some brief steps:

1. Fineline ALL of your drawing (promarker over pencil doesn't look too good)
2. Colour areas of her face that require blush (mainly her cheeks) 
3. Colour the whole face with an even skin tone, for Elsa this has to be a white skin tone - preferably Ivory or Satin. 
4. Optional: To get a more realistic look use lavender to colour in places in the face that cave in... such as near the bottom of the nose and corners of the inner eye. 
5. Finally use any of the skin colour pinks - I use Dusky Pink which is really good. Colour areas like the nose, the space from your nose to mouth then your all done! 

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post, stick around today to see some other new illustrations.