Friday, 12 December 2014

New Drawing: Hair

Hi everyone, this is a post on a drawing i've just finished and I''m actually really proud of it because I have never drawn something with this much depth and I think it's really pretty.

Disclaimer: I do edit my drawings, to make them look as professional as possible but I do not go over the top, I simply clean them up and then add filter to enhance it.

I was actually motivated by a bad art lesson I had at school today to draw this piece. My Art teacher took in our sketchbooks and said that mine wasn't up to his standards and as much as I didn't want to agree with him, I had to because I had been slacking lately and hadn't had time to complete stuff in there. I decided that I'd go home and make my sketchbook better... so I was going through some pages and I did a really scruffy last minute drawing of a messy bun and it wasn't gradable lol. So I rubbed that out and started drawing hair and I came up with this flower bun and then went on Instagram for inspiration and came across an account called @thebraidgals and I found that a plait would also look nice, therefore I did that too and I'm proud of it and I really, really like it.

The photo below was taken on snapchat a minute after finishing it. I post a lot of drawings and the making of drawings on there so you may add me there at: lilmiss_laurenx

Later edited using my favourite photo editor: Photo wonder 
Thank you guys a million for reading my new post and stay online for a great Blogmas day 11!